We are a not-for profit organisation run by volunteers who organise the National stand up paddleboard race series and support the growth of racing in the UK.

Our Mission

To deliver a world class race series that attracts the best athletes, continuously meets the needs of all it's racers and supports the growth of stand up paddleboard racing in the UK

Our Vision

To become the benchmark for for all stand up paddleboard racers to compete nationally. To integrate with the National Governing body for SUP once agreed and to form part of the selection process for Team GB..

Our Values

To work with transparency and integrity with every stakeholder involved in governing, supporting, leading and developing stand up paddleboard racing and to put the racers interest above all else.

Meet the Team

Meet the GBSUP Directors

Amanda Kelsey


Mark Price

Mark has been standing up and paddling since 2010, racing for 4 years and is the Co-Director of SALTWALK and the TRENT100. He also studied sports science and business at University and has a passion for adventure.

Phil Mather

Paddling since about 2013, Phil started racing within a year of getting on the water for the first time (badly and coming in last) and helped out with UK SUP from 2016. By day he pretends to be a computer Engineer.

Our Aims


To have greater focus on distance racing, to appeal to both the experienced and the inexperienced racers and to cater for paddlers across the UK not just the south.

Locations and Dates

To reduce clashes with other short course races, free up the SUP event calendar, bring back the most popular races and work with other races to support the growth of racing.

Governance and Integrity

To work with high standards of governance, communication and integrity and to make our races fully inclusive and a friendly environment for everyone to enjoy.