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9th June 2018 NWF 10km Distance & Sprint Racing at the National Watersports Festival
Following an epic start to the 2018 National Stand Up Paddleboard Short Course Race Season at the Battle of the Thames and Cardiff, we move to Rutland for the National Watersports Festival.

What you said in the SUP Racer Survey

38% of you have been racing for one year or less.
57% of you now see SUP as your main sport.
71% of you saw yourself as a friendly competitor rather than serious racer.
As the National short course race series moves into it's 5th year the team at GBSUP aim to deliver a year of friendly competitive racing to attract experienced and inexperienced racers to have fun & GET IT ON!
Amanda, Phil & Mark
Amanda, Phil & Mark GBSUP Team
66% of you are members of clubs.
63% of you do not attend organised SUP race training.
82% of you said you would you if they were available.

What to expect

Stand up paddleboard short course racing in the UK is still developing along with the international race scene. The National series has grown to involve three types of racing; Distance (10 to 16km), Technical (beach or water start with laps around a course of buoys) and Sprint (up to 100m with or without a buoy turn). For more info on the types of races and what's involved click the read more button below.